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Big Boi Sh*t

Big Boi Sh*t Today's Inspiration: Money In Da Bank(remix)...Swiss Beats "Betta put ur Diamonds rings on at get urself a hustler, better yet a customer, GUARANTEED to buy it..." So let's talk about being on your Grown Man Shit... First and foremost, you need to understand that a certain level of maturity must be reached prior to being able to utter the words "I'm a grown a** man". Understand that I been on my grown man sh*t since 15 because I realized at a very early age that I had to make the way to get what I wanted. No  one else can do me like me; Point blank. So I speak from a voice of experience; The most important lesson to learn as a "grown a** man" has been to respect the opinion of others. As the Queen, I respectfully do decline from agreeing, but at no point do I get to take it from you. The goal is always to improve and promote individuality. Be you, but better.  When you start to realize what really matters, that's when you'