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Stealing a Little Sunshine

"Sunny Days, Everybody Loves Them..."  It's all about perspective; the perfect day can make everything in life seem better.  Take that quote for instance, it's from the New Edition Song, "Can You Stand the Rain", typically a somber introspect, however, I decided to flip it and use it to inspire some fashion gold!!                If the color yellow doesn't inspire some greatness in you, I truly believe Hades should be your new vacation destination of choice, as a matter of fact, go ahead and take up permanent residency!!  For goodness sakes, it's the color God chose to make Sunshine, the single most important element to life on this planet.  GET OVER YOURSELF QUICKLY BEFORE THE REST OF THE WORLD DOES!! Wearing just one piece of golden goodness has the potential to improve even the sallowest of moods, and immediately helping others to see you differently.  The color can be found everywhere from full on jumpsuits for brave hearts to a simple cardigan f