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Taking Over the World, 1 Closet at a Time...

Today's Inspiration: Transformers Taking Over the World 1 Closet at a Time... So it seems the newest trend is "alter-egos". Ok, the way this foolishness works is, the person selects the personality traits they most greatly desire and creates an alternate persona to vicariously pursue endeavors otherwise unattainable. Ok, Ima bite... So I just discovered I'm Optimus Prime. Optimus Prime is the illest nigga I know. First of all, he's the boss. His authority is never challenged by the autobots. His plans always produce the desired results. He Cannot be beaten in a fair one. He rides and dies by the team. Lastly, and most importantly, even as an organic machine, he still maintains compassion. Let's not even address the fact that he morphs back into an 18-wheeler w/ perfectly prestine candy paint and flames so vivid, the cab looks like its on fire. Moreover, he never has a scratch on him. If he wanted, he could take over the world. So I started to think.

The Perfect Fit

Today's Inspiration: Made of Honor Bi***es need to know when to cut their losses... So this morning I was lying in bed, watching MOH, and I started thinking about the countless conversations I've had w/ my friends in the past week alone, about problems w/ men. After so many, the problems become monotonous and tend to run together. The longer I thought, the madder I became. My boyfriend was right: we do this to ourselves, "men only do what you let them. Whatever the man problem, big or small, it is easily solved by knowing when to move on. There's no knack for relationships, or no secret key to happiness w/ a significant other, u just gotta know when it doesn't fit. Consider a man an outfit. When its time to shop for something fabulous to wear for that gotta-be-there event, its life or death. We stress over it. It consumes your thoughts. We try on item after item till we find the perfect fit. Its not considered crazy to call in the "reserves", and sc

All Hail The Queen

Today's Inspiration: Confessions of a Shopaholic I am the Flyest chick you know... One day last week, I came to this realization. I was standing in front of one of the most diverse, stylish, and let's not forget flyest closets ever, and I don't utilize it to its full potential. The longer I sat there, the more this principal began to apply to other areas in my life. That changes now. First and foremost, I wanted my 1st entry to reflect my sincerist apology to God, for making me amazing and not taking advantage. There are so many people who can't say the same. I am the Blueprint for the YBF, and its about time the world knew. Writing has always been a way for me to express myself in a way I'm not always able to say, so, here I am. P.S. I Welcome Haters, I Thrive on Criticism, I Revel  In Competition, and I Expect Success.So should you. Welcome to my Life, Enjoy It. I woke up this morning, and COAS was on. I usually get dressed according to what the d