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Full Moon Magic

With the New Moon in Virgo last week, that means The Full Harvest Moon in Aries follows close behind in just 10 days.  It's the closest full moon to the Fall Equinox, earning it's title.  What better time to "harvest" the intentions set at past Moons...It's a time when you are at your most powerful energetically; Ideal  for manifesting the desires of your heart.  This phase of the Moon is most useful for: Purification Rituals for Renewal Sex Magic Divination Psychic Enhancement Spirit Work Love Drawing Justice Female Empowerment Ancestral Veneration Wish Fulfillment   The Moon, her fullest incarnation is represented by the Egyptian Goddess Isis; "The embodiment of fertility, abundance, and illumination."  The moon is in its most "powerfully feminine"  energy at this time.  It has the juice to make ANY  seeds planted flower.  With all that being said, IDK about ya'll, but I Need ALL of that!  Something I Swear by when it comes to my energeti

Love and Lavender

  I don't know if you can feel it, but we are on our own right now...The Universe has said, "You've done enough, now Chill .  I'll take it from here."  Soooo much easier said then done!  Whe n the Universe says STOP, it means EVERYTHING- including Love.  As if we weren't all already out here in full panic; worried we will be spending our adult lives alone.  Now  the Universe is like, "Don't worry, I got this.  I'm not gonna tell you shit, just Trust.  In the meantime, take up a new hobby, I'll let you know when I'm ready.šŸ˜"    Immerse Yourself IN  Yourself...This is what the Universe is asking of us; to make ourselves and our needs the ONLY priority.  To the point where you can no longer stand your own company.  Oh don't worry bitches, I'm right here in this same boat of seemingly boredom-I digress; Self Love .  I'm determined to see this through; like when you're working out and ready to quit because you're tired

Pause…Until You Are READY

  Sometimes, we just have to sit Still...There is absolutely NOTHING to be done.  This place, my Loves, is by far one of the toughest destinations along our journey... One of the reasons we enjoy routine is because it provides a certain sense of comfort.  We welcome the known; it's a familiar friend...Whelp, you, just like me, chose MORE.  We couldn't leave well enough alone; and so, here we are!  On the glorious bright side, arriving at the "Pause", is a definite sign of progressionšŸ˜€.   We are now learning to shed the construct of TIME.  Just Stop.  Do not allow stress, anxiety, or the spirit of overwhelm force any action from you Ever  again.  Simply Chill .  That's it.  Know that the storm is raging OUTSIDE.  You are perfectly safe on the inside; with all you need until it passes. Only a Fool would go out in weather like that!  Instead, focus on the Present Moment.    Enjoy the warmth of the fire, and the coziness of your surroundings.  Remain in perfect Peace