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Keep Calm and Just BE...

"So when is the evolution over, like, when am I done with the process?  Am I finished, or am I done?!"  Well, the question was asked AND answered.  If that is a question that has been plaguing you, its OBVIOUS you are still undergoing transformation... When have you ever achieved a goal unbeknownst to you?  Its almost impossible to arrive at a destination and be completely unaware.  With this being said, when you have completed your journey, then YOU WILL KNOW.  Its not a secret.  In the meantime, your job is to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. You mean DO NOTHING?! Absolutely.  Sometimes the hardest thing in the world is being present and completely content with who you are in that particular moment in time.  Observe where you are right now and evaluate your journey this far.  Appreciate your growth and current situation, no matter what it may be because it is, in some way, apart of what's happening to you.  Continue to find joy in everyday life and

Oh Now You Know Me??

Its funny how the moment you stop giving your energy and attention to others, they all of a sudden remember you were in their lives.  I'm talking about those individuals so completely absorbed in themselves and the BS that surrounds their everyday lives.  Once you decide to put their mess down and focus on yourself, the sky parts for them and they begin a torrential downpour of guilt and negative feelings on you. There is no need to feel crazy, this is VERY REAL, and very much NOT your problem to surmount.  The problem belongs to the individual, and what they need to be evaluating, especially if you hold some level of importance to them, is what happened to cause the change in the relationship.  It was obviously an unreciprocated situation.  What the person should be attempting to comprehend is how to give you what it was that was lacking in the relationship to begin with.  It seems the hardest to get the support for our endeavors from those that we know and claim to care a

Living My Life Like It's Golden

Golden people  von  Irmgard Schoendorf Welch AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!  I just needed to get that out right quick before I begin.  Sometimes once we begin to walk on the evolutionary path, we forget that we are still PEOPLE.  Life will still happen to each of us, no matter how enlightened.  Losing site of our humanity, even temporarily, only makes the process that much harder. You will still require THINGS.  Unless your path leads you to a convent or monastery(which TOTALLY defeats the purpose!), engaging in the world is the one thing that will keep you grounded.  I still LOVE to shop.  However,  I have noticed I gravitate towards things that make me genuinely happy.  Example, I NEED to see my eyelashes in my shadow(Yes, its a thing!), it makes me smile;-)  so I make sure they are ALWAYS poppin.  I probably wouldn't have had time to even discover that wonderful idiosyncrasy had I not been taking the time to access my own Joy. We need the little things to keep us present and

Share My World

Have you ever met someone with a personality so large, it seems to eclipse your own?  I have literally encountered individuals with an energy and presence that was so overpowering, I felt like I was being crushed.  I can appreciate confidence, in fact, I encourage and welcome it.   HOWEVER, that fake, fabricated, over the top BS that suffocates all in your presence MUST stop. Listen, to be around me is a privilege.  Yup, straight up.  If you chose to be here, this is something you must NEVER forget.  My presence is sacred, and I don't need your phasad killing my vibe.  There is nothing worse than me having to pretend that I don't know all of that melts away when you are alone.  I refuse to cater to a fictitious character. If you are choosing to breathe MY air, lets get a few things straight.  I ALREADY KNOW!!  Its so much easier to come as you are.  If this persona is who you feel you truly are, then let's do the work to get you there, that way, there's

Get Lifted

Let's take a new approach to pain.  As a matter of fact, just negativity in general.  We know that if we control our breath in the heat of the moment, keeping our heart rate from elevating, its damn near impossible to get angry.  OK; so with that being said, why aren't we doing more to stay elevated?  Why are we so quick to lower our vibration to suit an undesirable situation?! A prime example of this is a breakup.  We don't eat, or the inverse, overeat; don't sleep, over analyze the relationship and how we performed.  We exhaust an enormous amount of emotion and energy on something that has ended.  Afterwards, we look just as crazy as we feel.  In any part of this process, had we just stopped for a moment to think about what we REALLY want out of those moments, perhaps the process could have been over SOOO much quicker. But What is it we are seeking in the midst of the breakup ritual??!!! The misconception is the belief that we are seeking reconciliation.  We

Once Upon A Mixtape...

You know when you’re in that space when you meet someone and you’re trying to figure out if that person feels anything for you?  Then there is the rare occasion when you FEEL it before you actually KNOW.  I was standing in that very spot almost a decade ago... “So Cateye, when a man says, ‘what do you think of me?’, does that mean what I think it means?!”  Cateye replied, “well, it means both; he really wants to know what you think because he cares, and he cares what you think because he care for YOU”.  “Damn!  You know, I was really enjoying having a straight up legit friendship with the opposite sex.  Whelp, so much for that!!”  “Well, before we dive headfirst into another friend zone tragedy, tell me what happened!”  I said, “well OK, but I hope you speak music, because if not, this isn’t going to make any sense!” It all started one day on our way to work.  At the time, we were super tight, spending as much time as two unattached people in two different stages of development

Barefoot in the Park

What if you decided tomorrow that you were going to wake up and do everything you ever shyed away from due to a preconceived notion for the rest of your life?   My mind is wide open with possibilities!!! I want to live in a treehouse like Tarzan and hang out with the creatures of the night😉 There are so many things in life we have yet to experience simply due to fear.  We are literally afraid of things based off the experiences and opinions of others.  What if we applied this way of thinking to let’s say Love.   If we were to do this when it came to Love, the results could be catostrophic.  Everyone would have to have a perfect, Euphoric experience, otherwise, we would never want to find out.  We needed the bad to understand and recognize the good. This is why being overly cautious can cause serious detriment to your well being.   There are simply some things we must endure if we are to evolve.  Emmerse yourself in everything you possibly can, drawing on your own feelings and instinct

The Air Out There

It’s funny how when we start working on ourselves, we are able to Iyanla Vanzant anybody else’s situation.  Things that we may have never seen in an individual become SSOO clear, and we are able to execute just the right set of instructions to correct what we see. Ok.  Then What?!!! The results of this scenario are NOT beneficial to you in any capacity.  Why?  Because, while you are out here IVing folk’s lives, your process has been completely halted because you have taken the focus off of YOURSELF and YOUR self development.  Of course we want to be there for one another,  but we really must get more comfortable with what that concept IS. Truly being there for someone is being an admirer of their true, most beautiful Self, and encouraging the person to stay in that path through your behavior and actions towards them.  If you have a friend who is a real star, then you should be showing them the most love and sharing your positive energy with them while they are in their

The Quiet Storm

“Have you ever stopped to listen, when there’s silence all around, Empty rooms with nothing to fill them, accept that quiet sound...” There is something about silence that gives us all a “feeling”.  Most times we don’t even know what this is, so our natural reaction is to resort to fear. We are conditioned to fear the unknown. Did you know that in solitude is where you truly find yourself? This is why we are taught to fear, so there leaves no desire to discover.  If everyone understood the power sitting alone with your own thoughts for just minutes per day, the possibilities are endless!  There is a fine line between sanity and insanity; the way we keep a straight path is by remaining in the CALM;  just as in the fiercest of storms, the center is the most calm and safe place to be. When life begins to feel like a raging tempest, instead of reaching for a vice or quick departure from  reality, go sit, breathe, be still, and find your way to the Eye. Photo Credi

The Mind Palace

"If you build it, they will come."  This was the line from Field of Dreams that served as the catalyst  for everything that followed.  It was a voice, speaking to something from within the main character.  Otherwise, I doubt he would have constructed an entire baseball field based off a random voice he couldn't even determine was real.  I think about this ALL the time. You know, everything we want is within our reach.  That still small voice speaks to us all.  So why do we need to hear what we already know externally, and wait on that confirmation to pursue it?  I'm am passed by tired of not trusting myself and these impeccable instincts!! There is no limit to what I can dream up.  I don't know about the rest of you, but my Mind Palace is LAID!!!   I want my entire world to look just like that.  I have made a commitment to myself to make a little corner of my life resemble it each day.  Its amazing how much perspective that gives a menial task like lau

Fishers of Men

Like a Moth to the Flame...people, YOUR ENERGY IS A BEACON.  In a world filled with darkness and pain, your light is the only thing leading the way.  This thought is so powerful, that sometimes, we get lost in the idea of being the beacon, we forget that we are also travelers on that dark road as well, and our flame is NOT everlasting. So what does that MEAN?  I'm glad you asked.  The thought behind this idea is, not to turn your flame down, however, but to make sure it is being protected and replenished so it may continue to shine.  So often, we get caught up in moments and things that happen to others, that it literally consumes us.  It becomes so real for us emotionally, its as if the event actually happened to US.   THIS IS A SERIOUS NO NO!!! The only way for your Energy to help and to heal is for it to stay focused on LOVE and continue to GLOW.  This cannot happen if you are lost in the emotion of a situation.  Understand that Energy is contagious, and has a f

The Army of One

I am my own EXPERT.  Yesss, I Fuck with me hard as Hell!!  I’m telling you right now, if you aren’t the expert of you, there is a SERIOUS problem to addr ess!! How can someone know more about you when there is absolutely NO ONE in this world who spends more time with you than yourself?!!   Invest a little energy into learning more about who you are and becomming the type of person you would like to befriend.  Hey, if you can’t stand you, why should anyone else?!!  The advantage of it being all about you is that you don’t have to worry about hurting anyone upon confrontation of things you don’t like.  There won’t be any outside opposition who don’t approve of your methods. By the time this is all said and done, you should become your own best friend.  Here you have an individual whose intellect perfectly mirrors your own, and should always have your best interest at heart.  Be honest and open.  Know yourself the way you know your favorite song.  Cater your experiences to your

Emotional Rollercoaster

Emotion  is any  conscious experience [1] [2] [3] characterized by intense mental activity and a certain degree of  pleasure  or  displeasure . [4] [5] Scientific discourse has drifted to other meanings and there is no  consensus  on a definition. Emotion is often  intertwined  with  mood ,  temperament ,  personality ,  disposition , and  motivation . [6]  In some theories,  cognition  is an important aspect of emotion. Those acting primarily on the emotions they are feeling may seem as if they are not thinking, but mental processes are still essential, particularly in the interpretation of events. For example, the realization of our believing that we are in a dangerous situation and the subsequent arousal of our body's nervous system (rapid heartbeat and breathing, sweating, muscle tension) is integral to the experience of our feeling afraid. Other theories, however, claim that emotion is separate from and can precede cognition.   Source: Wikipedia  How cut and dry.  For s