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Unapologetically Beautiful

Live and Let Live.  It’s such a basic and simple concept, and living thus has boundless potential.  It’s just sooo unfortunate that our Egos flat out refuse to accept it. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why we as humans feel we have the right to add context and commentary to things that do not effect us in any way.  The way I feel about myself and the things I choose to do is MY BUSINESS.  Your thoughts and opinions of me and how I choose to live my life is soooo totally irrelevant to me that I pity you for the waste of energy. While in the process of getting your ENTIRE life, you DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT have time to be concerned with what others think of your eternal light and how you choose to express it.  On that same note, you have relinquished this right when it comes to others.   Yo, mind your business, and worry about your BI.   If there is something that you feel you simply MUST express to another individual about the way they move, then perhaps it’s time for some dee

Spread Your Wings

With an entire world to explore with ENDLESS possibilities, it’s about time we started to explore them, and each opportunity open to us.  Our minds are boundless, chomping at the bit to be taken places we never could have imagined... So how to we let go of reservations and take flight?! It all starts with knowing who you ARE and EXACTLY what it is you WANT.  Meditate on this concept, and continue to do so until you find the answer.  Once that concept is CRYSTAL clear, you can start pursuing those ideals.   Until these things are realized, take it one day at a time, one task at a time.  Eat what makes you feel good.  Wear the clothes that make you feel like a Star.  Take a few moments each night to envision the day you want to have and put those things into action; Start each day the way YOU want to. Intention prompts Action.  We constantly disappoint ourselves by simply not completing tasks we had our heart set on doing.  With all the let downs we are going to expe

Smiling from the Inside Out

"All I do is WIN WIN WIN NO MATTER WHAT!!!!"  Yes!!! This is my new mantra!!  I'm sorry, but I just CANNOT stop smiling!!  I'm hoping that happiness is overly contagious for the rest of my life.  How great would it be for everyone you come in contact with to become infected with your JOY?! Oh wait, that is POSSIBLE!!! Smiling from the inside out is a concept I came up with to show just how possible it is to throw a little of your happiness over to the next man... Think about how your favorite song made you FEEL the first time you heard it.  Stay inside that feeling for a few minutes.  Now, think about how you felt when you learned all the words...Take that and let it spread all over your body, filling your heart with that original JOY. You got it?  Can You feel it?  Are you sparkling yet?!  You are? Ok perfect.   Now it’s time to take your show on the road... Let that song play over and over again as you go through your day, awaiting the first person

Be-Friending a New God

When we were kids, friendship was so simple.  If I gave you a bracelet, then it was ON; we were practically siblings from that point foward!!  If only it was still so cut and dry... Oh Wait, IT IS!!! Since starting my journey, I have noticed myself becoming agitated with friends and acquaintances I previously didn’t feel this  way about.  The source of my aggravation came from a place that was feeling like I was a much better friend and source of support to others than they are to me.  I was angry because I still have that childlike view of friendship, that I get what I GIVE.  Because I wasn’t feeling that reciprocation, I became imbittered, and started putting stipulations and regulations on myself and the level of friendship I would give out. This of course is TOTALLY INSANE.   What I decided to do after much back and forth with my higher self was to redefime the friendships/relationships in my life.  Just because you and I are friendly and acquainted, a FRIEND that does not make!!!