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Let Me Just Say One Thing...

You know, one of the reasons I️ initially started my blog was because I️ felt like I️ had something to say and no one was listening.  I️ felt like the people who were supposed to value me and my opinion most did not.  So I️ said to myself, “well if what you have to say is important, if you put yourself out there, SOMEONE in this vast universe will hear you, get you, and most of all, appreciate your thoughts”.  Here I️ am several years later, still writing, still putting my heart into everything I️ post. This all came back to mind recently when I️ caught myself  realizing that not much has changed since I️ started.  I️ still don’t have the support from those who really know me, and they still prefer to get a second, third, and fourth validation on anything I️ put out there.   I️ was just about to get upset when I️ realized something: SO THE FUCK WHAT!!!!! Listen up, and listen GOOD, or matter fact, don’t; because I’m sure the type of individuals I’m speaking to and about will neve