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Today's Inspiration: Reality Broads, Specifically Love and Hip Hop New York I know, I know, here we go right?!  But I think you will be pleasantly surprised by what you find in the next few lines! Most anybody who knows me knows my opinions of reality tv.  I don't entertain it on a regular basis, as a matter of fact, it's a distraction from the real world and what's in it.  I'm too busy tryna make my life and the lives of my children something worth living to consume myself with the goings on of complete strangers.  For the life of me, I couldn't understand the ratchet fascination.  I recently sat down and watched the most current season of Love and Hip Hop New York in its entirety to try and grasp the intoxication of this phenomena.   I must say, I did discover something very interesting, and was pleasantly surprised. Let me go ahead and silence these ratchet hoe lovers by saying that its still a H.A.M and pitiful representation of Blacks in the entertainment w