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Elements of Style: A Life Lesson to Future Queens

For as long as I can remember, the one thing that has driven me was the possibility of getting dressed up.  If it was a special occasion the next day, I would be in bed the night before, too excited to sleep, thinking about the out I would be wearing the following day.  The women in my life each played a significant role in molding my ideas about what the well-dressed female REALLY is, and the importance of wielding this power.  Te right outfit can mesmerize an entire room, and has the potential to effect the outcome of certain situations.  It was the summer before I turned 13, and my aunt Dinneen gave me a lesson that STILL resides with me, and is apparent and active in my children...the Art of Style... I had always been involved in the process of picking my own clothes to a certain extent, but I had NEVER gone school shopping without my Grandmother.  It had ALWAYS been our thing, and I looked forward to it.  This particular year, however, when I was entering middle school, m