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Everyday Tarot

I remember a time in my life when a simple discussion about tarot was enough to send the listener screaming, running towards the nearest church!  A person was not even allowed to properly educate themselves on the subject to make an informed decision as to what tarot cards were all about.  I was definitely raised in one of those environments where anything outside the perimeters of the Baptist church had better not be discussed; let alone learned or practiced. Lucky for me, I was BORN this way.  Fuck it, it's the truth.  What my soul seeks, She GETS... My intrinsic inclinations have always connected me to the natural world, compelling me to seek what lies beneath, and my place in it all.  Tarot cards, I soon discovered, is a direct line to the Universe, and intuition is the operator.  It's a way to talk, and better still,  HEAR what the Universe has to say in response.  Tarot is NOT evil, nor is it a way to predict the future.  In life, there are absolutes, just a series of res