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The BKs Ate the World for Breakfast...

I've Missed You World!

I woke up this morning ready to take on the world. 

I thought what better way to start than by coming thru the blogspot. I've missed it so.


As you all obviously know, I've been keeping an extremely low profile as of late. Reason being,  I had just become so tired of how phoney life had all become.  Its no secret I long since stop listening to the radio for that same reason, but the BS of the airwaves has finally infiltrated into everyday society. If its not chicks thinking Purple-Front hair is office appropriate,  then its the one in the unemployment line with the aluminum foil Barbie chain.

Excuse the hell outta me...

We just decided to lose whatever little sense Our generation managed to retain post 9/11.

I refuse to function that way. First and Foremost that mess is wack. No further elaboration needed. If you don't understand,  this ain't for you.

I was raised to believe the worst thing you could grow up to be was Wack. My husband was raised on that same principal. How you interpret it depends on the person.  Where did we lose that? When did that moment come when we all just decided that cool was no longer worth fighting for and we conceded to be lame?

I'm sorry World, but the BKs were not in attendence, NOR did they waive their rights to an absentee vote. Therefore, the Royal Court has unanimously agreed this brief,  yet painful reign of the lames is officially over, and the Era of the Cool Kids has re-commenced. PRAISE GOD!

I dunno who gave y'all lame niggas the right to make life changing decisions for the rest of the world,  but more. BKs are on a mission.....

PS. Watch carefully world,  you'll get to see a masterpiece in the making.♚The Queen♚


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