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Inspiration: What More Can I Say***Jay-Z

So I took yet another hiatus to re-evaluate and re-group. My life has changed dramatically since my last post. Our precious family of 3 has become a family of 6 literally overnight! After 3 long, torturous years, My Gorgeous Husband finally won visitation for his 2 Oldest girls. In the midst of that, we discovered we were pregnant with PrincesMiniDiva #4 shortly after moving into our 1st house.

Miss Khiryn Dinneen came into the world with a BANG on August 10, 2012 and we couldn't be happier. The Princess is beside herself with excitement at having a baby sister and finds joy in re-living (and re-telling!)the entire birthing process from the 1st contraction to the crowning! Just a few short weeks after KD's arrival, we found out that a larger house that could accommodate us all was available, so moving became priority #1. We are settled for the most part, minus a room re-vamp to a his-and-her closet being completed(Yes, THEY did! Freddie Venture Jr., Divo Extraordinare, is at the helm of that project!).

I have to say that these major shifts in my life were not necessarily embraced immediately, but as the Old Heads will tell you, When God has a season for you that is ready to come to pass, all you can do, in the words of Tamar Braxton-Herbert, is "have several seats" and let God work. For the first time in my life, I have something REAL and I'm ready for ALL HE has in store for us. I'm Super-Blessed, Super-Happy, and ready to take on the World; Let's Get It!

With all that being said, I have utilized my pregnancy as a time of observation. Observation of myself, 1st and foremost, my relationship with my husband, and also the relationships between my friends and their significant others. What I realized is that the people we surround ourselves with just do not understand what it means to be with "The One", and how much easier this thing called life is when you are. I DO NOT get the impression that they have chosen Life Partners. Instead, I find that have chosen complacency over companionship. I grew increasingly tired of feeling like my relationship with my husband was a pariah, and an oddity in the YBF community. I found myself feeling like I was constantly needing to defend our closeness and the intuitive nature of our marriage.

Yeah, they tried to DO us!

I finally had to step back, recognize HATING for what it is, and flip out and put a few ladies on blast. How dare they? So a real nigga could not have chosen their ideal mate from jump and utilize their marriage to be perfectly happy and build the life God put me here to live? Um, WTF are U here for, and why haven't U slit your wrist yet?

What I discovered that women I consider friends have no real concept of self-worth. If they did, these sub-par existences they are living would not be enough. I also discovered my husband and I are completely alone. Men are no longer interested in finding their "rib". Women are no longer interested in complete security of mind, body, and soul. All I see them searching for is someone who will deal with them for the time being. They aren't interested in finding a lifelong partner, a perfect match. With that being said, I had to call a few out on the BS. Don't attack me and mine because it's REAL. You are a person of no substance and low integrity, and quite frankly someone who revels in self-inflicted misery. In short, NOTHING like the person I am, or who I am to be in the future, therefore see no need to consider, let alone place any value on your opinion. I will continue to grow, prosper, and join souls with my husband, and You will continue to torture yourselves. I shall pray for you...

As You Were!

PS...Focus on yourself and realize you are the most important person in your life. Understand you will have NOTHING to give others if you are unable to realize just how precious you are. Coming to this realization will give your life perspective and clarity you never dreamed possible..."To Thine Ownself, Be True"***The Queen***


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