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E.L.F. and the Customer Service Experience

Soooo, because my husband adores me,  he sponsored a super-sized e.l.f. Haul to inaugurate my YouTube channel, the Queen's Spot.  For the entire month of July, I will be sharing these products with viewers over the course of 8 installments of "Confessions of a Shopaholic", which is what I will be entitling my haul series.  I have been building a massive list of products over the past several months, adding, subtracting, re-adding, and changing my mind over and over again.  I finally perfected the list and felt like it was time to make it happen.

  When it came time to place my order, I was advised one of the 32 piece endless eyes limited edition pro palettes I had planned on ordering was no longer available.  So I didn't sweat it, as there was a version still available which was very similar and also my reason for not purchasing both.  When I scrolled over to add to my bag, it indicated it was out of stock.  Although disgruntled, I entered my email for notification of it being restocked, and proceeded with checkout.  So about 15 min later, I checked my email for confirmation of the order being received and processed.  The email was there, however, right below it was another email from e.l.f. advising me that the eyeshadow palette was back in stock!  WTF?!  After I just created this huge list AND paid to have it shipped express mail,  you're going to tell me the palette was back in stock?!  Oh no no no no no!  I immediately sent an email to e.l.f. customer service team and advised them of the situation.  I explained that I had just placed a rather large order, in addition paid to have it shipped express, and that I had originally planned to order the palette then, but was advised it was not in stock.  Furthermore, I did still want to purchase it, and would very much like for it to be included in my haul series, HOWEVER, I felt it redundant to re-pay the cost of shipping, especially since the flat rate on the site is $6.95, which exceeds the cost of the palette.  A few minutes later, I received an email from the e.l.f. Team with a promo code for free shipping!  I definitely appreciated it, and promptly proceeded to the site to place my order.  It's so refreshing when a company listens to the individual and attempts to rectify an issue, no matter how trivial it may seem.  This is exactly why I don't mind giving e.l.f my business time and time again.


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  Those just might be my 2 favorite C words known to man!  With the start of a new year, it's only right I acquire a little bit of both!  I've had my eyes peeled for the past few weeks for all of the best sales; I had my heart set on a new piece of Rainbow Tourmaline and Rose Quartz(see below for crystal properties and uses if you aren't familiar!).  At the same time, I have also been dreaming of some new bags; crossbodys and a satchel, to be specific; a little on the fancy side though.  All of my work was not in vain because guess what?!  Marshall's is now carrying Badgley Mischka handbags and wallets-mike drop...but it gets even BETTER-not one item is priced over $29.99!!  Wait, What?!  Yes Please!!  Amazon has 1 lb of Raw Rainbow Tourmaline AND Rose Quartz for under $15.00.  I also came across a National Geographic Rock Polisher for $39.99!!  Your girl is absolutely THRILLED!!  What crystals do you have your eye on?!  Have you guys come up on any superstar purse deal


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