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Being Your Own Light

Existing in a world where codependency is the norm, it comes as no surprise to me that we are never directed to first look within ourselves for the answers to some of life's biggest challenges and unanswered questions.  As a consumer in a capitalistic society, we are hardwired to seek solace in the comfort of others, retail therapy, or some other unnecessary over indulgence in an attempt to forget.  The funny thing is, these things are simply designed as a means to forget, not at all associated with the actual healing process, which is essential to you being able to move on.

People and vices are not answers, nor are they feelings.  What we are attempting to come to terms with in ANY situation, are the feelings behind it, and how they affect us.  There isn't another living soul on the planet with more experience on the subject of your feelings than YOU.  So why are we so quick to seek out the opinions of others on a subject it is impossible for them to EVER master?!

First and foremost, you must understand what's happening to you.  Once you do this, you are then able to begin processing the emotions associated with the event.  Once this is in play, we can finally get to the WHY behind it all.  This is where you needed to be all along.  At this point, you are able to analyze from the "observer" perspective, WITHOUT the interference of emotion.  Once you are able to see what's in front of you for what it is, you are truly able to face it and move on.

Happiness is a conscious decision we are making from one day to the next.  Our divine birthright as humans is the constant, uninterrupted pursuit of that happiness.  If you are not happy, its because you are choosing not to be.  In life there seems to be so many things to which we have no control, we need to embrace and own the power over the things we CAN.  Make your pursuit of happiness indiscernible from you will to LIVE, for they are one in the same.~The Queen~ 

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