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Hold On..

Have you ever wondered why it is when we greet someone we care about we hug?  Why are we not simply by being in their company?  What is it inside us that compels us to join one body to another?  It's almost like a magnet, drawing you in...

This is no mere coincidence, and does not happen simply because the individual is too irresistible not to touch...It is a genuine physical transfer of energy.  In addition to the tons of endorphins released, the embrace is literally putting a piece of yourself into another person, and vice versa.  You are able to FEEL the individual, from the inside out.  Our hearts and minds are totally in the know about this occurrence, which is why you feel "drawn" to the person to engage in this contact.

Funny how our minds and hearts are full of information about things that are vital to our survival that we never contemplate or stop to think about.  While we may be performing an act that is seemingly second nature, in all actuality, you are feeding your soul.  According to experts, oxytocin, the natural  stress reducer, is released when hugged.  Its also affectionately referred to as "cuddle hormone".  It is pertinent to our everyday; so important in fact, that it is actually professionally recommend that an individual receive a minimum of 12 hugs daily to properly maintain mental health.  I can't say for certain how MANY hugs I need daily, but I can say, UNEQUIVOCALLY, as long as I can spend as much time as I like being surrounded by ONE embrace in particular; that ONE is enough to sustain me FOREVER❤~The Queen~

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