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Dream Catcher

Does anyone else wonder what happens when we sleep?  I have always been fascinated with the dream state, and its connection to our conscious lives.  We know that we dream; but what exactly is a dream?  My brain is so full throughout the day; constantly unfolding and rearranging thoughts every second of the day; therefore its hard to fathom that sleep is a mundane as to ONLY be providing rest to the body and mind...There has to be more to this process, and here are my thoughts on exactly what that is...

Dream interpretation has long been a topic of discussion amongst the masses; since the beginning of time.  People have unceasingly sought council to determine what our subconscious mind is trying to say.  One thing can certainly be agreed upon, I DO think it is a means of communication with our higher selves.  Like meditation, it is a safe place to meet, and align our mental with our spiritual state.  The difference is, in a meditative state, we are consciously controlling the scenario.  So why is this not the case in the dream state...Or is it??!!

What are the implications, moreover, the possibilities such control would have in our waking lives?  Just think about it; we already know our role in the creation process, and the importance of visualization in materializing our manifestations.  We understand that its not only important to see it, but it's absolutely IMPERATIVE that we also feel it; so much so that it must already be real to you.  A dream is like a movie you are starring in, completely oblivious to the, HELLO, prefabricated manifesting material!!   If you are aware, you can dream with purpose and INTENT; seeing and FEELING your way through waking life.  Your subconscious will be in alignment, and, if not, you are able to identify this quickly and adjust accordingly.  Just imagine, becoming a manifesting machine in the hours while you sleep; focusing every possible second towards creating the reality you desire.  Now that's what I call REAL commitment to self, and the TRUE pursuit of happiness!!

Take a few moments before bed each night to set your "dream intent".  Focus your thoughts on what you want.don't worry about the how; allow the universe to work on that part of the process.  Be thinking about how you will feel once you have it.  Feel that now.  Create an evening ritual for yourself in which you take 30 minutes prior to bedtime to simply unwind and prepare your mind for the beautiful work ahead of you.  Relax to a meditative state, still focused on your desires; ten simply drift off...Develop your skill till it's second nature, utilizing every opportunity for dreams to be a point of creation.

Look, anything that provides me with the opportunity to effectively bend reality to my will, I'm all in!  It's exciting, amazing, and absolutely wonderful to know that the human mind is NEVER idle, and is constantly endeavoring to make me better.  Not only am I being repaired and renewed, but I am also being counseled, healed, and blessed beyond measure; all for the bargain price of a great night's sleep.  Shoutout to all the dreams I have yet to manifest; I'm coming for YOU!~The Queen 

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