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I have been feeling like a caterpillar for quite some time now...knowing that my life and experiences are necessary for the transformation ahead, yet I can't help yearning to feel my wings glowing in the sun!  I found a chart on pinterest, that broke down the different steps to spiritual awakening into 7 separate stages:

Stage 1:  Unhappiness and Emptiness
Stage 2:  Perception Shifts
Stage 3:  Seeking Answers and Meaning 
Stage 4:  Finding Answers and Experiencing Breakthroughs
Stage 5;  Disillusionment and Feeling Lost
Stage 6:  Deeper Inner Work
Stage 7:  Integration, Expansion, Joy

This was incredibly helpful in me figuring out exactly where I was in my journey; it also helped to appease my impatience by offering an explanation as to what's going on inside of me...

According to this, I have left stage 5, that of "Disillusionment and Feeling Lost", and am now fully immersed in stage 6, my :Deeper Inner Work"(all the while eagerly anticipating entering stage 7:  Integration, Expansion, Joy...yet, I digress, I will not rush my process!!)  This is sooo accurate!!  Each day I discover something new about myself, and the best part of all is that it comes from INSIDE.  I do not feel the need to compare myself or my progress to anything in the outside world.  What I feel, and what is revealed is specifically for ME.  My journals are quickly becoming the #1 source of information on me; hand-written docias on the subject of Queen Khira.  I must admit, I'm kinda proud.  The more I learn and unlearn, the more I want to KNOW!  
When I first came across the term Empath, and understood what it was, there was NO doubt in my mind that this is what I am, yet I did not comprehend that it was much more than a character trait...

I didn't realize that it WAS ME.  Everything about me is touched by it.  Case in point, the way I talk to others, and why I think about EVERY word I say before it comes out, even in anger.  It never dawned on me prior to that EVERYONE does not automatically do this; it takes conscious effort on their part...EPIPHANY!!  So you mean to tell me that I have been going through life, full of hurt feelings because I ASSUMED that others were aware of how the words they were saying are affecting me?!  In all actuality, you have absolutely NO idea that your words hold any real value(See, this is why I say I'm still in my "Inner Work" phase!).  I am in awe, yet relieved...Relieved because at least I now know that it's ignorance of self, not lack of FEELING that is the real culprit.  I can rationalize an individual just flat out not knowing any better; we have HOPE, and that feels EXTRAORDINARY.  It means that it really is as simple as focusing on ourselves from the internal aspect to truly effect change.  I am now able to view others and what they say through a pair of spectacles that brings into focus that you simply don't understand; makes it effortless to dismiss it without an emotional response.

What we have failed to realize is that there is feeling behind everything.  Notice I said feeling, and not emotion.  Emotions are a social construct, a way you have been programmed to react to a particular scenario by outside influences; they don't technically exist, as they can be manipulated and changed depending upon the social climate.  Emotions are the manifestations of FEELINGS; emotions are generated based on how a particular situation makes us feel.  When we react to something, we are responding to the emotions, as opposed to the feeling behind it.  This is, in all actuality, what needs to be addressed, because it is what is real, and what LASTS.  It is what sticks to you, and causes pain.  We have to stop reacting to what does not matter.  Confronting emotions is like talking to the TV, satisfying, yet totally ineffective.  We are dealing with a population who has no grasp of the concept that words are directly connected to the way others feel.  Do we really expect that same populace to recognize that there are people out there who FEEL their way through life and can detect EXACTLY what it is actually trying to be conveyed, regardless of the words spoken?

Feelings are pure ENERGY; this is a FACT.  Know that words are not simply the opaque mask they appear to be.  If what is coming out of someone's mouth does not align with the words being said, instead of reacting, take a moment to ponder...Consider the differentiation between the words and the energy, then direct your attention specifically towards THAT feeling, and proceed from there; that is what you address.  We are here to master our energetic vibration, connecting to our highest good in the pursuit of happiness.  Mastering our own emotions is a lifelong quest; attempting to circumvent that portion of the journey forfeits arrival at your destination.~The Queen

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