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A New Day

Ancient Wisdom – Sacred Alignment and the Constellation of Orion

I woke up this morning ON MY SHIT!!!  I don't know it it's all this energy Mercury Retrograde has freed up, but I like it!!   I woke up wanting something new and different.  I'm ready for exactly what I deserve, and it's high time I got it, ALL OF IT!!  You know, I have just been feeling so detached from it all for so long, it was refreshing to wake up and be ready to ENGAGE with the world.  As a matter of fact, the 1st thing I did was run straight to a blank page to write this all down!  The sun was up to greet me; TODAY IS MINE!!!

It's time to let go...all that is no longer serving our greater good is unwanted clutter.  It's time for the newness of life to come in, just as it does in Spring.  We change with the seasons.  I'm over the drabness of winter and all the things that died there.  I'm ready to LIVE!!  Today feels like a call to life that is just impossible to ignore.  Any and all things that are in my favor to be doing at this very moment is being DONE!  I'm so tired of the planning and discussion phases.  It seems like I'm talking it to death; I want to be doing them already!!  I had to take a step back and access myself; honestly saying, "what the fuck could you ALREADY be doing?!"  Before I knew it, an entire list materialized before my eyes, comprised of personal, emotional, and business goals, all left unaddressed.  OK; so this list is going to be my breakfast today, and I'm about to eat every last thing on it!  I couldn't tell you what I was waiting for; or maybe I can...

Good old fashioned disgusting ego.  She HAS to go...I realized the majority of things that were bothering me, and yet remain unsaid was due to her enormous influence.  There are so many times in life we give a tremendous amount to our egos over our day to day lives and decision making.  The real trick to life is to realize how much of it is really contingent on the people and things happening around us.  Although we co-create, think about how much of that process is dependent upon the functionality of another outside factor?  Exactly...Ego cannot reign supreme in a life it was never designed for.  Think about how "difficult" it is to say certain things to certain people; I'm sure you are stewing right now over something said (or unsaid), or a hurt feeling the next man may not even be aware of.  Why haven't you said anything?  Why are you sitting back allowing simple WORDS to keep you from your own mental and emotional well-being?

I don't know about everybody else out there, but I'm just ready to GROW the FUCK UP.  I'm the master of my own emotions, and I'm damn sure going to act like it from now on.  I'm ready to say and do what I feel, and stop causing myself unnecessary emotional damage.  It's childish, and there's a better way.  As long as I continue to behave this way and conduct myself in such a manner, than these will continue to be the results I attract.  I absolutely refuse to live another day in this false "life" narrative.  Life is best lived when it's REAL...~The Queen

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