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I'm Doing THIS, for ME... has always been a place for you to come for self-discovery.  It's meant to encourage you, push your boundaries, and provide much-needed respite from the programming reality offers.  I wanted to infuse this idea into your everyday lives, to make it organically apart of your daily design.  With that, Our Sitewide theme was born, I'm Doing THIS, for ME...

 I still try not to be amazed at the perfection of a synchronistic moment, it's truly a remarkable feeling.  To discover your desired state of being, and to be able to return to it, whenever you desire, is REAL magic.  Ladies and Gentleman, it's time to embrace it as the new norm.  It's time to relax into the natural ebb and flow of life, relinquishing to control we never truly had...and why the Hell not?!  What's the alternative, badgering myself into an anxiety-filled submission, heavy with self-pity and disappointment?!  Yea, No.  

In all things, there is Cosmic Balance.  My desired state of being is that place where I completely understand the necessity for both good and bad; therefore whole heartedly embracing the duality.  I know, easier said than done, right?!  No...not really...It all comes down to having enough internal strength to control and curb your biggest antagonist: YOU.  Stop feeding yourself the narrative that it's too much, or too hard-get over yourself.  We are simply talking about shifting your perspective...Breathe Easy Homie...

I'm talking about changing your MIND.  Change your Heart, Change your Mind, Change your Life.  It's written in that order on purpose, for this is the natural order of things.  Until something moves us, we tend not to change.  It must speak directly to our souls to prompt real action.  It doesn't use words, yet we FEEL the call.  When the words finally come, thoughts formulate.  Now the feeling can be successfully communicated to the mind.  Now we know what we want, we aren't just feeling it.  Before yo have a chance to fully realize it, things around you start to slowly change.  Small at first, until, almost like magic, what was inside has found its way out, and you are truly engaging in an existence entirely of your own creation.  

Expect what you want to happen; don't anticipate disappointment.  Be bold and brave in your decisions; most importantly, stay true to yourself.  Seek out things that make you feel great, and truly resonate with your soul's purpose.  Stop compromising yourself and dishonoring your feelings for a world that was not designed to nurture your greatness.  PUT YOU FIRST.  Worry about the rest later; foolishness will ALWAYS find you.  Make yourself your own 1st priority, with a ferociousness rivaled only by a Lion.  May always be a source of inspiration, encouraging you to follow your own star.  It's up to US, the individual, to show the world how you expect to be treated.  Set an IMPECCABLE example for them to follow.💫    


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  Those just might be my 2 favorite C words known to man!  With the start of a new year, it's only right I acquire a little bit of both!  I've had my eyes peeled for the past few weeks for all of the best sales; I had my heart set on a new piece of Rainbow Tourmaline and Rose Quartz(see below for crystal properties and uses if you aren't familiar!).  At the same time, I have also been dreaming of some new bags; crossbodys and a satchel, to be specific; a little on the fancy side though.  All of my work was not in vain because guess what?!  Marshall's is now carrying Badgley Mischka handbags and wallets-mike drop...but it gets even BETTER-not one item is priced over $29.99!!  Wait, What?!  Yes Please!!  Amazon has 1 lb of Raw Rainbow Tourmaline AND Rose Quartz for under $15.00.  I also came across a National Geographic Rock Polisher for $39.99!!  Your girl is absolutely THRILLED!!  What crystals do you have your eye on?!  Have you guys come up on any superstar purse deal

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