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Be-Friending a New God

When we were kids, friendship was so simple.  If I gave you a bracelet, then it was ON; we were practically siblings from that point foward!!  If only it was still so cut and dry...

Oh Wait, IT IS!!!

Since starting my journey, I have noticed myself becoming agitated with friends and acquaintances I previously didn’t feel this way about.  The source of my aggravation came from a place that was feeling like I was a much better friend and source of support to others than they are to me.  I was angry because I still have that childlike view of friendship, that I get what I GIVE.  Because I wasn’t feeling that reciprocation, I became imbittered, and started putting stipulations and regulations on myself and the level of friendship I would give out.

This of course is TOTALLY INSANE.  

What I decided to do after much back and forth with my higher self was to redefime the friendships/relationships in my life.  Just because you and I are friendly and acquainted, a FRIEND that does not make!!!  It was simple enough to label each one appropriately; affirming to myself that all others who fell outside of that circle would be kept at a “neighborly arms length”, treating them the way I would a neighbor I’m only familiar with by sight; throwing up a hand in acknowledgement, then keepin it movin.  I refuse to put any additional energy into that interaction, saving my best for those who care for me the way I care for them.

It’s unfortunate that every person we come across in which we find some redeemable qualities will NOT be worthy of our time, and attention.  We as New Gods are purposed with making the determination of who gets to bask in the totality of your Awesomeness.  Don’t ever let someone else make you feel like your energy is being wasted.  Regardless of how great a friendship may seem, if at ANY point you have to put focus back on YOURSELF and the friendship suffers, perhaps you were always the better friend.  It’s high time we put ourselves first in ALL walks of life.  Then at least you go to bed every night with the most importanot of relationships in tact; the one between yourself and the Inner God you aspire to become.~The Queen~

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