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What I Want from YouTubers in 2019 and Beyond...

From the start, I have been lowkey enamored with the concept of Youtube.  Its absolutely fantastic to have a FREE platform accessible from any corner of the world to display your own brand of creativity.  The audience being able to connect directly to the creator and express their thoughts is nothing short of genius.  I have watched, over the years, many channels grow, expand, and eventually leave the platform to pursue life goals; All made possible from the comfort of their own homes.  I would like to think as a loyal subscriber, that I was an intricate part of the process.  With that being said, I have a few things to say about what I want to see from YouTubers in 2019 and beyond...

First, I LOVE the idea of audience participation, and asking for our opinions.  HOWEVER, if I am forced to watch 1 more video where "adoring" fans make a fool out of you, I think i just may give up on YOU all together.  Don't you get enough of being played by strangers in everyday life?!  You have the power to PREVENT this in the YouTube world.  Choose things from viewers that keep you in the most positive light possible.  Unless of course, you WANT to look crazy; by all means, please proceed...

Next, to all of you guys out there reviewing products, and introducing them to your audience; understand, "Its not REALLY about YOU!!"  9 times out of 10, viewers are attracted to that particular video based on its content.  I have personally discovered many a channel due to a broad search based off the particular item I was looking for information on, being completely oblivious to the Youtuber themselves.  If you are still talking about God knows what by 2+ minutes into the video and have yet to address the subject of the video, not only am I moving on to a more "concise" version, but I'm probably going to the post as well.  Let me reiterate; I'M NOT HERE FOR YOU!!

Last, yet most importantly; to the group that holds my heart, the Beauty Gurus...We all know which ones of you are out here frontin'; HARD!!  You don't only receive suggestions to review and try affordable brands from subscribers and your PR boxes.   You DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT wear only high end makeup products on a daily basis.  Stop pretending like you are not real people, and don't use the same shit we all do.  You aren't finding kindred spirits by doing this, you are alienating a KEY audience.  Let's face it, the bitches you are targeting AIN'T CHECKING FOR YOU!  Another fun fact, we NOT buying that shit!!  Unless you are willing to make your robinhood portfolio public, and prove to me that you own a large stake in that particular corporation, KNOCK IT OFF.  As if being phony wasn't enough, don't add fuel to the fire by being a groupie.

Ok folks, I'm going to stop there.  If I can get the ball rolling on just these three, yet key points, YouTube can remain my go-to for audio visual engagement.  It takes an amazing  amount of courage and strength to put yourself out there to be judged by the world; Just Don't Lose Yourself...~The Queen~ 


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