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I Wanna Be a Classic

Yep, that's my goal in life.  I want to be remembered as having style that traversed all eras in fashion.  I want any outfit I'm photographed in looking as current as if I had taken it only moments before.  Don't get me wrong, beautiful poetry is made when people take fashion risks and become pioneers,  I just do it the right way.  Make sure your wardrobe is diverse, but also ensure it will work for you for as long as you need it to.  A wardrobe should not have to be broken down and reconstructed from the ground up with every season change in the fashion world.  If you are purchasing the right things from jump street, all you will need to add are a few key things to get you through that season in style.  You never know when finances can change and you are only limited to purchasing maybe 3 new items, you need the wardrobe to support that, and, if done correctly, only YOU will know!  

Think about serious multipurpose items that never go out of style, like black pencil skirts, the perfect fitting pair of indigo straight leg jeans, a great blazer, a crisp, well-fitting white button up shirt, and plain white tees. 2 pairs of shorts in black and white and a pair of brightly colored jeggings can do wonders for you too.  The only other item I would suggest you have is a well-made jean jacket that only gets better as it is washed.  Dresses are a wonderful and easy way to make an outfit, but every girl doesn't love a dress.  If you are a dress girl, something gray in an A-line cut to the knee is an easy, neutral alternative to black and can be worn anywhere. If I could only pick one dress for going out, I would go with something a little shorter, fits like a dream, and is in a can't miss color.  A jean skirt in a swing cut is a nice alternative to jeans as well.  The items you select is purely a personal preference, just choose items that will go the distance.  Let your shoes and accessories reflect the "moment".


  1. Happy to see that you used Ms. Dandridge as a fashion icon!


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