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Inspiration Station: The Encounter 1&2

Let me start by saying both of these films are AMAZING!!!!  I absolutely fell in love with the original film, it is simple, direct, and to the point.  The plot basically consists of 5 strangers traveling along a washed out road in the middle of nowhere who are re-routed by a state trooper to a roadside diner.  The 5 strangers walk into a retro diner circa 1950s run by Jesus Christ.  He offers to prepare any meal they request free of charge, and of course, the only beverage served is water.  Jesus immediately alerts the strangers to who he is, giving small pieces of information about each individual to add validity to his claim.  Each of the strangers is offered an opportunity to begin life anew in Christ.  Eventually, all accept except Crusher, an ex-football player and self-made millionaire.  The film ends with all accepting the experience an going on to live.   Crusher, however, is led by state trooper Deville to his demise.  This movie's simplicity is fantastic.  This is what it means to be a Christian.  The message is clear, and very easily comprehended by the observer.

In the sequel, Jesus is back on his soul saving quest, setting his sights on a bed and breakfast in a tropical location that was hit by a tsunami a few years before.  This film was  much more detailed, and included back stories for all the characters involved.  Deville is present in this film as well, however, is on  the opposite site of the law.  The movie, once all characters are present, unfolds very similar to its predecessor,  with only one character choosing not to accept Christ, and the others going on to live life to its fullest.

I decided to bring these films to the forefront because they are IMPORTANT.  We as people can address nonsense all day everyday, but decide not to confront what matters.  These films were not only entertaining, but also  non-judge mental and allow you to make the choice.  Even if you don't believe, watching films like these at least allow you to see what Faith is all about, and allows you the opportunity to discuss your disbelief in an educated manner.  If there is one thing that irks me above all others, it is someone trying to argue a point with no premise.  Let it be known: I BELIEVE.


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