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Relationships and the Enlightened Individual

There are some things in life you will NOT be able to take with you as you ascend to ultimate greatness, this includes PEOPLE.  Take a look at that image.  Its a full heart, but its filled with things that are important to YOU.  Its filled to the brim with your wonderful; are you really going to attempt to squeeze something that holds little meaning for you to fit, and compromise what matters?

Listen, you no longer have time for foolishness and games.  Let's be PERFECTLY clear, we are speaking about ALL relationships, not just romantic ones.  EVERY relationship and interaction from here on out needs to be meaningful.  Why are you wasting time and energy on irrelevant things and people?  Relationships are to be reciprocal.  If both individuals are NOT receiving what they need, and its apparent that you are NEVER going to get and/or give what is needed for it to work, LET IT GO.

There is nothing more painful than deception.  Unless you are a saint, or completely self-less, its only a matter of time before pleasing someone else and never feeling as though you receive that in return at some point will quickly lose it's appeal.  The person in question is most certainly self-centered, and is actually probably better to comprehend your departure and the reason why, so I would NOT concern myself too much with how they DEAL.   As a matter of fact, you can't even consider yourself an enlightened individual if you think for one minute you can survive this way.  Change is the necessary part of life that pushes things forward and keeps us forever growing.  Pull your skirt down, poke your chest out a little bit, and STAND UP FOR YOURSELF.~The Queen~ 

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