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Stop Spending Money On Bullshhh!!!!

Today's Inspiration: Stacy London and Clinton Kelly

Ok.  Before I begin, The Queen needs to take a deep breath.

I am beyond baffled at the newest foolishness that seems to be plaguing women today: spending their money on things they don't really like nor need, then complaining about what they don't have.

Excuse Me?

Exactly how much sense could this possibly make?  You mean to tell me, you work. make money, spend it how you see fit, but in the same breath express disdain for your purchases and make it the responsibility of your friends to compensate for your lapse in good judgment? WTF?

 Listen Ladies, we as your friends are tired of your lackadaisical approach to life and your appearance and we ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE.  We are tired of teaching you how to be grown and stand on your own two feet.  Its not the job of your friends to provide you with the lifestyle THEY are accustomed to, because they refuse to get down on you level and you don't want to be left.  Friends are sources of love and support, but DO NOT confuse us w/ parents.  Your parents hold some sort of financial obligation to you, not your friends.  We don't HAVE to GIVE you ANYTHING.  I purchased it, so can you.

Advice is always free...

Seriously though, I'm outdone with chicks that feel like you OWE them something or you MUST do for them, or you are not a true friend.  How about stop Begging.  How about stop Complaining.  How about get up, get out there, and create what you want out of life instead of waiting on someone else to do it for you?  How about Give as much as you Receive.  Apparently you feel your worth it, just too lazy to make it happen.

Rude awakening Bottom-Feeders and Basics: I'm sick and tired of yall bitches and I'm coming for you; to shatter every misconception imaginable and expose you for who you really are.  No more Bad Bitch By Association.  If you not bad, you damn sure not gone front like you are because you roll with one.  "All Basics Report To The Sideline, You Have Officially Been Benched!!!" Its time to see what it REALLY means to be a Franchise.

P.S. Stop dressing up your ugliest little girlfriends and supping them up to go out with you knowing good and well that girl is tired.  If you need to surround yourselves w/ bi***es that much below your own physical attributes to make yourself look better, perhaps you're not as cute as you think.***The Queen***


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